Heaven of Comfort

The bungalows on offer have been designed keeping in mind the ecological and aesthetic characteristics of the surrounding landscape. Utmost priority has been given to preserve the natural habitat of the fauna and avian species that are endemic to Munnar and which make the property a Heaven of Comfort.

Stone-clad and with the interiors of a cosy monastery, the bungalows are fitted with all modern amenities to let you have a comfortable stay. There is ample scope for adventure, leisure and heritage within the property itself, thanks to the presence of gigantic rocks, their hidden caves, centuries old trees, natural streams of water and thinly shaded plantation walkways. Efficient personal service and complete privacy are the virtues which our staff aim to serve you with. Neelakurunji Plantation Bungalows is your home amidst the hills of Kerala.

Vast natural sprawls, with minimum of number of rooms .This enables us to serve you better. 10 specially designed rooms in 3 bungalows with each room area not less than 250 sq ft(excluding bath room& balcony).

Rooms are lavished with decoration and furnished with wooden furniture’s. Balconies with the surrounding plantation and hill view from all the rooms.

Laundry facilities for guests who stay for more than 3 nights. We also have doctors on call to serve you in emergency. A team of fully dedicated staff, including a round-the-clock chef and an experienced hill-guide, ensure that you are well taken care of during your stay here.