Integration with nature is at the heart of our plantation home’s spa  ‘Paradise Point’  .  Built amidst the greenary, it pampers yourself in a wellness focussed vacation package. The surrounding plantations,age old caves offer a breathtaking scenary  & rejuvenates you, as you experience the locally inspired spa treatment. 
“Ayurveda” is the science of life.Massage with Ayurvedic oil rejuvenates the entire physical and promotes mental relaxation.Our skin containscontains greatest amount of beneficial harmones. A ouch massage communicates a positive energy, enlivens the vital energy points, leaving the entire system deeply balanced and nourished.
Ayurveda Spa treatment is an incredible gift to give yourself or your loved  ones . All therapies and nurturing and  gives an absolutely wonderful feel.It is the time to stop the routine of daily life and take time for yourself. 
Massages  offered
  • Head massage 
  • Full body massage 
  • Head,neck,sholder and back             
  • Foot massage 
  • Face massage 
* Get an appointment before your arrival.