Proximal Activities

Plantation Walk

A perfect place to discover the naturalist in you. We offer acomplimentary plantation walk . Experience the aroma of spices during the guided tour  explaining the various stages from cultivation to processing of the cardamom and other spices.

Village Tour

The environment surrounding Neelakurunji holds some hidden delights to understand the culture and tradition of the local inhabitants. An exciting experience to watch the  cattles and hens being reared at their homes. Bring your kids to discover the place to learn and play.

Munippara Dolmens

We are proud to be next  to the heaven on Earth , an excellent Sunset Point . Also Muniyara Dolmens  are magnificient pre-historic  stone structures of archaeological  importance that  belongs to the Neolithic age . Dolmens  are not  the only thing that one can see here; the placeis equally famous for its  exquisite beauty,natural eucalyptus trees and refreshing atmosphere masked in the glory of Muttukadu village,paddy fields,  a very fascinating destination to explore.

Candle Light dinner

Romance is the expression that strengthens relationships, spending some special moments  with your loved ones.
A secluded privacy assured over an wooden deck, with spectacular views through the wide windows to indulge in delicious meals for two. A special arrangement for the couples with the candle lights  adding an elegant touch to your romantic dining experience. You will surely have an out of world experience that makes your soul sunk throughout your life.

Camp Fire

There is abandon in it as well a sense of welcome when people are around the camp fire. Whom ever you,where ever you hail from, there are always good times to be had around the fire. Seeing your loved ones faces in the light of the camp fire will give you memories to cherish. We have just the perfect areas for camp fires. You really don’t need to go camping.

Cookery Classes

Cooking classes at Neelakurunji will unravel the secrets to cooking with spices and shows you the technique for getting most flavor out of each dish. Our Chef teach the guest the magic of relishing the taste buds of their loved ones  by  his  classic cooking classes of the local cuisine.

Night Safari

Chinnar Wildlfie sanctuary is a wonderful wild life protected area. Chinnar is known for its endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrels. It is also known for its ethnic culture, heritage and diversified eco system.
Night safari to chinnar by jeep though past your bed time, staying awake for entire  safari  will be  effortless because of the beauty of the thick forests and the natural sounds of the jungle. Listen out for the sounds of the forest – rushing water, singing of the insects, and occassional call of animals. It is undoubtedly multi- sensory  adventure that every member of your family will enjoy.