The beautiful mountains of Munnar provide the perfect setting for going on an adventurous trekking expedition. There is no dearth of hills, mountains and trekking trails in Munnar. Some of the most scenic trekking trails in Munnar include the Anamudi peak in the Eravikulam National Park.Coupled with a visit to the National Park, this trekking trail is a gem – clouds floating by playing with the mountains and valleys covered in a cloak of green! And, Neelakurunji plantations organizes trekking expeditions to kolukkumalai, Lakshmi Hills, Chokramudi, Kannan Devan Hills.

Kolukkumalai/Mesapulimalai/ Singapara

Being the second tallest peak  in the Western Ghats the place is known for its challenging, beautiful trial. An adventurous off road drive in jeep up till Kolukkumali and a hike to the highest peak.

Time – 1.5 Hours Drive

MesaPulimalai – 3 Hours  Trek


One of the third highest Mountains in the lush greenery and misty clouds of Munnar. It prevokes your true spirit of adventure.The stunning rocky mountains on one side and beautiful shoal forest on other end will leave you dazzled through out the trek.

Time- 15 Mins Drive to the base, 4 Hours Trek

Lakshmi Hills

For the beginners and moderate trekkers an amazing ramble through the grass lands.

Time: 1 Hour Drive, 1 Hour Trek

Kannan Devan Hills

A high level trek amidst natural beauty to explore the exotic spice Zone of Munnar.

Time: 1 Hour Drive & 1 Hour Trek